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What is Intercontinental?

Players and coaches from around the world will have the opportunity to be part of our team selections and participate in our international programs. Our programs are operated in the Sporting CP and CR Flamengo football academies in coordination with our technical staff and the technical staff from these Academies. Our programs also include participation in the IberCup tournaments.

The Intercontinental Sports Academy is a program that will select players and coaches from all over the world, to be a part of selected teams. They will be grouped according to their technical and competitive level.

Players and coaches will have the opportunity to participate in our programs in Europe and South America, with the objective to perfect their technical capacities and playing knowledge. In this way, they will not only gain experience and international exposure but also create an opportunity to show your talent to the world.

The Intercontinental Sports Academy has 2 programs where players and coaches can participate. The selection process of the coaches is careful and rigorous, in order to guarantee the success of our programs.

The entry into our selection of teams can be done via registration on our website, where in these cases we will have to evaluate the conditions of those interested to be able to accept the applications, or via the appointment of our partners. The teams consist of 12 players for 7-a-side teams, 14 players for 9-a-side teams and 18 players for 11-a-side teams.



IF you are a player:
If your team or club is unable to participate in the international technical and tactical improvement programmes, or in international tournaments, you can always sign up for Intercontinental Sports Academy so that you have the opportunity to participate and be integrated into our team selections.

IF you are a coordinator or coach:
With our programs, you can always apply to become an integral part of the technical structure of our teams, whether as a coordinator, coach, promoter or even as a trainee. 

By participating you will not only be acquiring knowledge through the experience and training but also promoting your image, increasing your capacities of training, leadership and communication.

By being affiliated to the Intercontinental Sports Academy you will certainly, in addition to all the advantages we have already listed, increase your personal network and open up opportunities for the future.


Unique Experience


Main Goals

Learning and Development

Intercontinental Sports Academy seeks young talents in the Soccer World who seek to develop, enhance and show their skills through our programs.

By integrating players and coaches into the training programs of Sporting CP and CR Flamengo, we are giving an excellent opportunity for these players and coaches to learn from the best.

All the coaches that are part of the Intercontinental programs undergo a careful selection process, in order to guarantee the success of our programs. Joining the knowledge of these coaches with the talent of the athletes has amazing results!


Experience around the world

Travelling aroun the World is always a great experience. Now imagine travelling and participating in an international program with athletes from all over the world, learning from the best .... it's unique!

This is another big objective, to give athletes an experience that they will never forget, joining the adventure of leaving their country with the passion for football.


IberCup Tournaments

IberCup Tournaments are known around the World. Extremely competitive, and where some of the best teams in the world participate. It is one of the largest and most international football tournaments ever, counting already 90 countries represented since the first edition.

Going against athletes from all over the world, learn from different methodologies and styles of play, discover a new country, all in one event.


International Exhibition

Intercontinental Sports Academy participants will have their programs within the academies where they will train. They will be surrounded by several technical staff who will not only enhance their training qualities but also evaluate their technical skills. It is the right time for young players to impress and show their talent to the world. Our programs also include participation in the IberCup tournaments.



How can I be selected? 

The first step is to register on our website. Fill in all the details and add a small description about your experience as a player or coach. Staff will evaluate your application and contact you with an answer.
Player registration

Who can register?

All players of both masculine and feminine sex between 9 and 16 years of age and also accredited coaches  The inclusion of female players, will only be possible if there is a sufficient number of female applications. Female players will be allowed to integrate male teams in the categories of 7-a-side football.  

How can I register?

By filling out our application form, a player (or guardian) / or a coach will be contacted, for an evaluation process before being included in the Intercontinental Sports Academy program, taking into account their technical level.

Is there a limit of participants?

Yes, the maximum number of applications per program (Platinum, Gold and Silver) is 50 players. When the limit of applications is surpassed, a waiting list will be created in case there are any drop-outs.

How are players selected?

The selection process is carried out by experienced coaches from the Intercontinental Sports Academy. They will assess the capabilities of each player and form multiple teams according to their level. 

When does the selection process begin?

The selection process is scheduled in accordance to the start dates of the program.

Do I need to organise insurance?

No, all Intercontinental Sports Academy packages have athlete insurance included.

Does Intercontinental Sports Academy deal with flights bookings?

Yes, the booking and payment of flights are included in the Intercontinental Sports Academy program. The athletes, coaches and relatives have all the transportation, logistic, accommodation, food and insurance guaranteed in all phases of the program.

Can relatives travel?

All relatives and friends that wish to accompany the athletes and trainers are very welcome and can also make the most of our all-inclusive prices. 

If none of the answers above, answers your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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